800 Lumen Smart Front Light

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1· Double T6 lamp beads, Bell cable 40cm length
2· Real 800 lumens, 4000/2000 mAh lithium battery
3. Brightness adjustment automatically (the second and fourth modes automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment)
4· Automatic switch (valid in mode-2 and mode-4)
5· Battery power display
6· Touch switch (press for three seconds to turn on, press for three seconds to shut down)
7. double lens
8 · Built-in 120dB Bell, 5 kinds of mode (press 5 seconds to switch)
9· USB charging
10· 6 lighting modes
Double T6 lamp beads
Lighting modes:
Mode 1: floodlight bead 100% brightness.
Mode 2: Floodlight bead automatic dimming mode. In this mode, streetlights at night will automatically reduce the brightness and improve battery life. (Parking in this mode for three minutes will automatically turn off the lights)
Mode 3: Spotlight beads 100% brightness.
Mode 4: two lamp bead automatic dimming mode. In this mode, the street lights will automatically reduce the brightness when riding at night, reduce the energy consumption and improve the battery life. The double lamp beads are bright together, there is a certain heat, do not use this mode for a long time at rest. (in this mode, parking for three minutes will automatically turn off the lights)
Mode 5: weak light.
Mode 6: double light double flash mode.
Other reminders:
* If the speaker is held down for 5 seconds, it will switch to the next sound. Do not keep pressing it for more than 40 seconds. The default is wrong operation. you can disconnect the speaker power for 3 minutes. 
*Turn on the light when charging, if it does not move for 3 minutes, the system will default to the automatic shutdown when it is in the charging state.
*The body of the lamp has a rustling sound, which is the sound of the ball in the vibration sensor. It is normal to judge whether it is prohibited to move.
*This lamp has a very powerful lighting system.Do not look directly at the lighting.
*Do not give to children or pets.
*Don’t throw the product in the flame.
*Waterproof can only be used in general rain. Do not soak in water.
0206030405--08 (2)09 (2)(1)(2)(3)0710(15)(17)(14)(16)


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